Stephanie Pemble, COA Reservationist
Heidi Drake, COA Reservationist
Heidi Drake has worked for Central Oregon Adventures since the 2012/13 snow season. Heidi is a native Oregonian and outdoor enthusiast. Heidi is engaged in many business ventures that include HEIDI DRAKE, INC. & SNOW ANGEL PRESS and work as a Senior Brand Partner for NERIUM  INTERNATIONAL. When she isn’t working for COA or on her children’s books or projects, she can be found teaching hip hop, jazz and tap dance to kids in Sunriver, Oregon, or finding adventures to share with her husband Eric and daughters Elise and Maya.
    Heidi Drake - Reservationist
Katie Lucas, COA Reservationist
   Katie Lucas - Reservationist
Katie Lucas has worked seasonally for Central Oregon Adventures since the 2012/13 winter season. She is owner and office manager of  AFFORDABLE YARD CARE in Sunriver.
Dan Peabody, COA Snowmobile Guide
   Dan Peabody - Guide
P.O. Box 4188
Sunriver, OR  97707
Fax 541-593-1200
Central Oregon Adventures (COA) was established in 2002.  It is one of the very few woman-owned motorsports businesses in the industry. 

In 2009 Central Oregon Adventures downsized from a year-round guide service offering Snowmobile, ATV, and Canoe operations to solely operating Snowmobile Tours and Rentals.  In 2013 COA teamed with AIARE-trained instructors from Oregon Ski Guides to teach  clinics in Avalanche Safety and Companion Rescue.  Additionally, at the request of our customers, COA added snowmobile riding clinics for both beginners and intermediate level riders.

We take pride in our snowmobile equipment with weekly maintenance check-ups during the season, and we rotate a portion of our fleet every year.  Take a look at our SERVICE & SALES page to see what we will be selling off this season.  

We love what we do and feel we have the best jobs in the world.  We get to snowmobile and share our passion for the outdoors with our customers everyday.  When we’re not at work, you can find us in the outdoors throughout all seasons of the year.  

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Central Oregon Adventures operates under a special use permit from the Deschutes National Forest
and Oregon State Marine Board.  
Amber Owen Greiner, Owner of Central Oregon Adventures (COA)
Amber Owen Greiner was born and raised in Oregon where she spent many summers vacationing with her parents in Central and Eastern Oregon.  Amber’s passion for outdoor recreation eventually led to her move to Sunriver, Oregon in 2001.  In 2002 CENTRAL OREGON ADVENTURES (COA) was incorporated as a small woman-owned business.  In addition to running COA, Amber has a B.A. degree in Interior Design and works part-time in that field for SUNDALEAF & ASSOCIATES of Portland, Oregon.  
Drew Cheney, COA Snowmobile Guide
Drew Cheney is a third generation Bend native and grew up playing in the Cascade Mountains. He enjoys sharing this part of the world that he loves so much with anyone he can, whether it's mountaineering, caving, backpacking, skiing or taking a trip on a sled. Dan has served as a Search and Rescue Medic. He is a commercial helicopter and airplane pilot, and he is the Director of Development for PIC - a non profit photography and marketing organization operating in Luang Prabang, Laos.
  Drew Cheney - Guide
Mikey Shadley, COA Guide and Owner of Adventure Motorsports
   Mike Shadley - Guide, Owner of Adventure Motorsports    
Mike or “Mikey?as we all know him, has been with COA since 2003.  He managed Central Oregon Adventures' maintenance department for years and now owns ADVENTURE MOTORSPORTS.  Mikey knows EVERYTHING about snowmobiling from the trails to the machines.  He helps with training our new staff and keeps our machines in tip top condition.  
Abel Davis, COA Snowmobile Guide
   Abel Davis - Guide, Owner of Diablo Snowboards  
Abel Davis has been a snowmobile guide with COA since 2008.  You can find him shuttling boats at the Sunriver Marina during the summer time.  He has also created custom snowboards since 2000 and is owner of DIABLO SNOWBOARDS.  
Joey Shaw, COA co-trainer for Riding Clinics and Avalanche Safety
   Joey Shaw - Guide, Co-Owner of Homeland Designs
Growing up in Alaska, Joey is no stranger to snowmobiles, cold winters, survival skills or the ability to have a really great time. This is Joey’s 4th season with Central Oregon Adventures.  He and his wife Becky Shaw spearhead COA's riding clinics and AIARE Avalanche Safety training. Joey is one of the team coordinators for the local Search & Rescue Snowmobile Team. As an architect, he co-owns and operates with his wife  HOMELAND DESIGNS, a home and landscape design company. 
Becky Shaw, COA co-trainer for Riding Clinics and Avalanche Safety
Becky Shaw is the fifth generation in her family from Bend.  Having gone snowmobiling since childhood, riding is a way of life and a passion for Becky.  Becky and her husband Joey co-train COA's riding clinics and AIARE Avalanche Safety training. In addition, she keeps our COA Facebook page updated.  Becky co-leads the local Search & Rescue Snowmobile Team with her husband Joey, and co-owns and operates HOMELAND DESIGNS as a Landscape Designer.
  Becky Shaw - Guide,  Co-Owner of Homeland Designs
  Jeremy Lucas - Guide, Owner of Affordable Yard Care
Jeremy Lucas has guided for Central Oregon Adventures since 2012. He is co-owner of AFFORDABLE YARD CARE in Sunriver, Oregon, along with his wife Katie.
Mark Mushlitz, COA Guide
Mark Mushlitz has been guiding part-time for Central Oregon Adventures since 2003.  Among his other jobs as an insurance agent, along with his wife Laurie, for COUNTRY INSURANCE, and as part of the pastoral team at MIRROR POND CHURCH, Mark finds time to feed his passion of snowmobiling by guiding for COA when an extra hand is needed.  
   Mark Mushlitz - Guide
Stephanie Pemble returned to Central Oregon from Texas in 2013. We are delighted that she found her way back to Central Oregon Adventures where she had previously worked for us during the winter seasons.
    Stephanie Pemble - Reservationist

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